dj BC ( is an award winning mashup DJ and remix artist, and founder of Bootie Mashup parties in Boston and Atlanta.

He is best known for his three “Beastles” albums, which combined the music of the Beastie Boys and The Beatles. Despite legal threats from both the EMI and the RIAA, remains online. BC has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, The Village Voice, Huff Post UK, The Boston Globe, MTV Brasil and other media outlets. He has toured the US and Europe, opened for Coolio, and produced three records for Big D and The Kids Table as their resident remixer. In the past year, BC’s albums Wu Orleans, Ill Submarine, and Ziggy Stardust Remixed were released as limited edition vinyl editions. BC also throws a Bootie DragonCon party annually with Pimpdaddysupreme.

WHAT IS "BOOTIE"? Bootie is the biggest mashup event in the world, with regular parties in several cities on four continents, and various one-offs around the globe. Mixing and matching every musical genre, era, and style into one big dance party where everyone feels welcome. More info. at